And Disappointing Everyone You Meet

It all began in South Jersey. As I sat on the end of the bed, mere inches from the television, playing my video games, I heard something from the other room calling out.

It wasn’t the Philadelphia Eagles that captivated me back in 2004, no. It was Harry Kalas.

Howard’s back in Philadelphia for the third time. Here’s what it means.

Does this sound familiar? If it doesn’t, you're a Chicago Bears fan.

Yet again, veteran halfback Jordan Howard has returned to Philadelphia.

The Eagles announced Wednesday that Howard would return on a one-year deal with financial details…

I forgot what a bullpen looked like.

We’re just kicking off the 2021 MLB season and I’m full mast.

The Philadelphia Phillies look pretty good. I know I’m jinxing it but, through two games, I’m ready for season tickets and I’m not sure we ever need the DH.

National League forever.

Opening Day started with a…

Evaluating the contract of Philadelphia’s new backup quarterback

The Eagles may have just made their best and most confounding signing of the 2021 offseason.

Albeit expensive, this does just enough to signal their confidence in sophomore Jalen Hurts.

You’d like to believe the Eagles can head into the NFL draft with their quarterback room relatively complete (at…

Previewing the criminally talented NL East.

The Stove couldn’t have been hotter in the NL East this offseason.

A total of 28 Major League contracts have been signed across the division, not inclusive of the handful of minor league deals that will undoubtedly crack the 26-man roster.

That has produced what I now believe to be…

A post-mortem of the most tired thematic in Philadelphia: how do the Eagles shape up post-Carson Wentz?

Carson Wentz’s time in Philadelphia has come to an abrupt and unceremonious ending.

Not many could have predicted the end of the Eagles Super Bowl-winning dynasty this quickly.

Alas, beginning with Jim Schwartz's retirement, followed by Doug Pederson's dismissal, and snowballing into the Wentz divorce, 2017 seems a far cry…

What looked like the beginning of a fifteen-year odyssey has come to an uncomfortable conclusion.

It’s over in Philadelphia. Carson Wentz has officially been traded to the Indianapolis Colts for what amounts to not very much at all.

With that, Eagles' Twitter can rest. What a month it's been.

So with all this finally behind us, let us reluctantly look at what went wrong…

An Eagles Twitter timeline of the Carson Wentz saga

The Carson Wentz watch has overtaken Eagles Twitter, and I cannot stop watching.

It feels like months ago when we all found out that the Philadelphia Eagles were shopping their former starting quarterback.

Trapped inside and just waiting.

We’re stuck here (wherever your ‘here’ is) waiting for something to happen…

Tommy Orme

NFL Fantasy Football Expert — Former Contributing Writer to FanDuel & 247Sports

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